Native American Bear Fetish Zuni Fetish Gallery

Zuni fetishes indian summer native american art

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What are zuni fetishes

Zuni carved stone bear fetish signed calvin weeka - native american.

Native american navajo made polar bear fetish necklace

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Native american bear fetish zuni fetish gallery

Best of zuni has a selection of zuni fetish carvings, and navajo and santo domingo jewelry. Hand-carved by native american zuni artisans these authentic zuni fetishes are powerful symbolic talismans of your spirit, totem, power animal. Fetishes sold today are more correctly referred to as carvings, as they have not been blessed by a medicine man.

Hand carved stone zuni fetish

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Vintage turquoise pendant bear fetish necklace native american indian jewelry, bear gifts, zuni fetish

One side of the bear has a sunface inlaid in mop, turquoise, coral, and jet. Creole stripper shaking ass for customer.

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